Motorcyble  Scanner for BMW,for DUCATI,for HARLEY,for HONDA, for YAMAHA



1..Support SD card to store data and to upgrade, Easy and Convenient

2.Reserved CAN BUS interface integration.

3. color liquid crystal 3.2 inch TFT display  

4.Support  for BMW,for DCATI,for HARLEY,for HONDA, for YAMAHA, ect.


Multiplexer Parameters:

Power: DC 10-15 V

Working Current: 250mA

Humidity: <90%

Upgrade port: USB Port

Communication port: COM port

Support Languages: simple Chinese, traditional Chinese, English, Japanese, Vietnamese, Indonesia , ect .

Ports: diagnostic port, COM port, USB port, Power port.

Address : Room309, floor 3, huashengda building, bagua four road, No 22, futian district, shenzhen, china


support :RuiYi
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