MST-30-M Mirco Fuel Injector Cleaner & Tester



1.Ultrasonic cleaning , dismantle the carbide of the injector;

2.injector test. stimulate engine running condition, test injector in different speed range,Check and test injector's injection situation: atomized /spraying angle/spraying mount/spraying uniformity;

3.leakage and block test;

4.Uniquely designed various compound liquid for all kinds of side-inlet injectors;

5.With reverse flush function, to clean inside out, to improve clean efficiency;

6.With a set of adapters to clean injectors without dismantling it from the engine;

1. LED display; 4 Cylinders
2. Ultrasonic cleaning trough built-in;
3. Tool trolley make it more conveniently to operate;
4.Equip with high quality SIEMENS pump, make it endurable;
 5.It can test and clean at the same time.

Turning speed range: 0~7500r/min
Timing pulse length: 0~9900times/step length 100
Pulse length: 0-20ms step length 0.1ms
Timing: 0~10min
System pressure: 0~0.6Mpa
Ultrasonic cleaning power: 70W
Power supply: AC110V/220V±10% 50/60Hz
Working temperature: 10°C~40°C
Stimulant signals: 0±5V
Output scope of the pulsed signals: +5V,+12V
Main body meas: 500x500x300mm,10kgs
Dimension: 590x505x790mm, 10kgs


Address : Room309, floor 3, huashengda building, bagua four road, No 22, futian district, shenzhen, china


support :RuiYi
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