MST-100P Parameters:
Power DC10-15V
Working Current 250mA
Screen 160*105 LCD display
Keyboard 6 membrane keyboard
Storage Temperature -10'C-85'C
Operating temperature 0'C-70'C
Humidity <90
Upgrade port USB Port
Communication port COM port
Support languages

simple Chinese, traditional Chinese, English, German, French, Italian, Japanese, Russian,

Turkish, Thai Language, Vietnamese

Ports diagnostic port, COM port, USB port, Power port

MST-100P Functions:

1.System Information
2.Data stream
3.Read DTCs
4.Clear DTCs
5.Freeze data
6.CO Idle speed adjustment

MST-100P Notice:

1.Checking before use:
2.Check whether the ignition is on.
3.Check the whether the scanner `s power light is on (red light),when testing the system whether the signal light is flash.
4.Check the diagnostic cable and the interface whether is bad contact or short-circuit.

5.Check whether the software version is applicable to the vehicle 

Notice: Language of MST-100P depends on the area of user:
For Europe and USA, language is English Only
This tool cannot be sold to Vietname and Taiwai

MST-100P 28
Packing including:
1set x MST-100P 10 in 1 Handheld Motorcycle Scanner
1. Handheld, PC synchronizatin display operation
2. 2 inch TFT display, show clear
3. Reserved CAN BUS interface

4. Support models: SYM, KYMCO,YAMAHA,PGO,SUZUKI and Hartford, AEON,Honda,Vespa,Piaggo

5. can also add models of Kawasaki and KTM ( need to pay extra charges , 50usd for each model )

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support :RuiYi
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